Free Shipping 10PCS 11FT White Tattoo Disposable Flat/Magnum Tip Tubes With 3/4" 19mm Grip Supply WDG19-11FT-10

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Products Desciption

Sterile Disposable Tubes With 3/4" 19mm Grips

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Sold In Lot Of 10PCS

Pre-Sterilized With E.O. Gas

Length: 108mm

3/4" 19mm Grip

Color: White

Stamped With Expiration Date

Packaged In Blister Packages Individually & Ready To Use

Size: 11FT (Flat/Magnum Tip)

Item Includes:

10PCS × Sterile Disposable White Tubes With 3/4" 19mm Barrel Grips

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  • Model: WDG19-11FT-10
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