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BRONC Premium Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Pen

CNC crafed machine body from aircraf aluminum, bright finished & anodized.

Long-Lasting Stability, Powered by Reliable Swiss Motor.

Detachable motor bolt for ease of maintenance.

Light Weight Low Noise.

a free RCA cord is included

This machine comes with 3mm drive bar, 

No cartridge grip

Weight: Approx. 3.4oz

Dimension: Approx. 72*31*50mm

Working Voltage: 5-12V DC

Recommended: 7.5V DC

Stroke: 3.8mm

Do not operate the machine under voltage over 12V DC.

Lubricating the machine every two or three weeks is recommended.

The color of the machine body might vary after mass production, From top to middle to bottom (Motor part, body part, grip part)

Item Includes:

1 × Hummingibrd Bronc Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Pen

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  • Model: BRT01-PE
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