Lot Of 5 Sets Tattoo Machine Armature Bar Supply - Black ABR-F-5

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Tattoo Machine Part - Armature Bar

Sold In Lot Of 5 Sets

Overall Length: Approx. 47.5mm

Bar Length: Approx. 41.5mm

Width: Approx. 10mm

Nipple: Approx. 6mm

Thickness: Approx. 5mm

Thread patterns of screws: M4 metric, pitch 0.7mm

Item Includes:

5 × Black Tattoo Machine Gun Armature Bar

5 × Black Socket Head Cap Screw

5 × Gasket

Additional Information
  • Model: ABR-F-5
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1kg
  • Available in stock, No minimum order quantity require
  • Date of shipment: 1-4 working days